Wholesale/Distributor Info

Scottcrew Enterprises LLC is now accepting applications to allow wholesale purchase for the purpose of reselling our Scottcrew's Own Silicone Molds.
Benefits to becoming a distributor:

Purchase at prices unavailable to regular retail customers.
Set your own prices for the molds.
Your customers would be able to get molds faster since they do not have to wait for us to manufacture them after they order from us directly.

We are limiting acceptance of distributors to 6 distributors in the US (East Coast, Midwest, South, West, Alaska, and Hawaii).
2 distributors in Canada, and 1 in all other international countries served.

Qualifications required to become a distributor/reseller of Scottcrew's Own Silicone Molds.

  • A resellers ID is required for your state. An Exemption Certificate will be required to be completed and the info will be verified with your state.

  • There will be no private labeling.

  • All ad copy will include in the name of the product the mold's brand name, Scottcrew's Own. The brand name may be also used in the description of the mold in online stores/catalogs and in print material.

  • All of our Scottcrew's Own Silicone Molds are copyrighted, both the mold itself AND the casting produced by the mold. Reproduction of Scottcrew's Own Molds or molds to reproduce the castings of Scottcrew's Own Silicone Molds is strictly prohibited; violations of the copyright will be prosecuted.

  • Minimums: A minimum of 10 molds per design must be ordered at a time. A single design can be ordered, but it must be at least 10 that are ordered of that design and any other designs that are ordered. No Mix-n-Matching for the 10 mold minimum.

  • Payment: Payments are made at the time of the order. If a credit card is used, at the time of the order, we will charge half of the order and an authorization for the remainder of the order will be obtained. Upon completion of the order, we will charge the remainder of the order based on the authorization obtained when the order was placed.
    Any other payment method requires payment in full, up front. No terms are given.

To apply for wholesaler/distributor status complete the
application form to get the ball rolling.