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*All dimensions shown on website are within 1/8"± tolerances. Cavity capacities are in fluid ounces, within 1/8 fl.oz ±.

Wax Embed Color Suggestions

We have had so many requests for color suggestions for our embeds that we have decided to post which color blocks we use for getting our embeds so realistic looking.
We are now making available a color testing mold. Use our mold to test your color mixes before pouring your finished pieces.
13 cavities
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Bakery Items

Pie Crusts, Waffle Cups, Cinnamon Buns, etc.:
Brown color block and a touch of Lemon Yellow color block

Waffle Cups:
Brown color block and a touch of Lemon Yellow color block

Cinnamon Buns:
Brown color block and a touch of Lemon Yellow color block

Brownies: Lots of Brown color block

Vanilla Wafers: Brown color block and Lemon Yellow color block, a bit more than you add for the pie crusts.

Kisses: Lots of Brown color block

Pecans: Brown color block and a touch of Red Red color block

Cinnamon Sticks: Brown color block with Red Red color block, a bit more than you would add for the pecans.


Black Cherries: Burgundy color block and Ruby color block

Maraschino Cherries: Red Red color block

Cantaloupe: Small amounts of Peach color block

Honeydew & Green Grapes: Small amounts of Lime color block

Watermelon: Small amounts of Pink color block and Red Red color block

Red Raspberries: Ruby color block.

Blackberries: Purple color block and equal amounts of Red Red color block & Royal Blue color block until the color looks black.

Strawberries: Red Red color block and occasionally a touch of Ruby to vary the color a little

Blueberries: Navy Blue color block and Royal Blue color block

Cranberries: Ruby color block

Apple Slices: A small amount of Brown color block

Peach Slices: Lemon Yellow color block & Orange color block

Banana Slices: A touch of Lemon Yellow color block, Brown color block, and White color block

Lemon Slices: Lemon Yellow color block

Lime Slices: Lime color block

Orange Slices: Orange color block

Pineapple Chunks: Lemon Yellow color block

All of our products are offered in good faith, but without guarantee.
Due to the variety of industries served, products are sold without warranty, expressed or implied, of any kind. Purchasers will, by their own tests and evaluations, determine suitability of such products for their specific use. We assume no liability for damage and/or injury resulting from the use of products supplied by this company. In no event will we be liable for direct, indirect or consequential damages resulting from loss of use or profits arising out of, or in connection with, the use/suitability of products.

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