Flexible Silicone Mold Categories:

Our molds are crafted using a high quality, premium silicone that has a indefinite shelf life and are vacuum processed for the best mold we can produce. Some molds out there on the market are made with a silicone that has a shelf life of 3-5 years, but not ours. Also, we are constantly looking for better grades of silicone and continue to test materials as the technology changes and improves. We also custom blend our silicones to meet the needs of the various molds we produce. Our molds will last through hundreds of pours and more. Molds can withstand temperatures of 300+ degrees, but if you are molding wax or soap you will never reach those kinds of temperatures. CP, HP and other soaps made with lye will not damage these molds and even aid in the insulation of the soap. You can also cast plaster or resin in these molds.

Purchasers of our molds may make and resell the pieces cast from our molds.

Scottcrew Enterprises LLC molds and designs are copyrighted.
Duplication of the molds and/or molds of made from derivative works are prohibited and will be prosecuted.

These molds are not intended to be used for candymaking or baking, they are not made from a food grade silicone. The Yellow Flexible molds & the plastic molds are made from food grade materials and are suitable for candymaking. The terra cotta colored Silicon molds and Wilton molds are suitable for baking.