About Us

Scottcrew Enterprises LLC is a family run business that was started back in 1998.
We specialize in the manufacture of silicone molds for embeds, candles & soaps, epoxy resin crafting, plaster craft, as well as various other industries.
Our current product lines include all types of molds, some candle and soap making supplies, and packaging supplies.

When Scottcrew Enterprises first started out, we made votive, pillar, and container candles. Then came along a new candle technology in the form of gel wax. This opened a whole new door to candle making and we bagan making seascapes, soda & sparkling beverage, and jelly jar candles with wax embeds. As we ventured into this new world of candles we needed to procure wax embeds to make our blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, melon, etc... jelly candles. When we ordered these embeds from others who had begun making and selling them, we found some very inferior products on the market. Either they were not high enough meltpoint and would melt when we poured the gel, or they came in smelling like old cigarettes and nothing like the fruits they were supposed to be, or even the color of the fruit was way off (honeydew melon chunks we had purchased were a forest green!?). We knew then that we would need to start developing our own wax embeds and that include the molds, too.

Once we were making wax embeds that looked & smelled good, and did not melt when we poured the gel wax, it dawned on us that if we had trouble getting nice embeds to work with other people did too. That started our diverging into making wax embeds for sale. We teamed up with another mold maker that was working with polyurethane. We even began reselling their molds and were working with them to produce new designs. But we were moving so quickly with what other crafters were envisioning for their candles and needed to expand the selection of molds. This ignited a desire to develop our own line of silicone molds.

In the early 2000's there were only a few moldmakers and most were using polyurethane or latex for molds. However, both of those materials had a tendancy to dry out and not have the best release properties. When we looked at making silicone molds, the baking silicones were just hitting the market as well. We found a silicone to have really good release properties without using any mold releases and had an indefinite shelf life. There were other cheaper silicones that had about a 5-year shelf life, but we did not want to keep having to replace the molds too quickly.

We designed lots of molds for making our wax embeds that were highly detailed. Pie candles were becoming the "big thing" in candles after the jelly jar candles. That was when we designed our pie crust molds and sold pie crusts with a custom blended pie crust fragrance. As time went on, we found ourselves in a place where we diversified once again into selling these molds that we created for our wax embeds, and the custom high-temp embed blend wax we had developed that worked tremendously well with gel candles for embeds.

We were one of the original moldmakers to be making a wide variety of quality silicone molds for the candle & soap making industry, especially, the small crafters and businesses, that produced highly-detailed, realistic-looking pieces.
To this day we continue to strive to bring the best quality silicone molds to the small crafter and larger businesses for their casting needs whether it be wax, soap, plaster, resin, or any other casting material.