Embed & Soap Molds

We carry hundreds of designs of molds that are suitable for making your
own wax, gel or soap embeds as well as molds for making soaps.

Plastic Molds can withstand pour temperatures of 217° F.,
unless otherwise noted, some plastic molds can only handle 160° F.
Plastic molds cannot handle materials poured into the mold
at the sustained specified temperatures.
All plastic molds require a good silicone mold release.
These molds are made of a Food Grade Material.

High Temp Plastic Molds can handle temps around 230° F. and
can withstand sustained temperature of approx. 200°.
These molds are made of a Food Grade Material, except those molds that have a product ID that starts with a "P".

Yellow Flexible Molds have a maximum pour temp of 245° F. and
can withstand that sustained temperature.
Made of a flexible Food Grade Material.

The Yellow Flexible Molds and Plastic Molds are also
suitable for candymaking, but do not use for candymaking
after they have been used for wax or soap.

Terra Cotta Colored (SiliconFlex) Silicon Molds can handle temps up to 500° F.
These molds are made of a Food Grade Silicone.

Wilton & "Easy Choc" Silicone Molds can handle temps up to 500° F.
These molds are made of a Food Grade Silicone.

Scottcrew's Own Silicone Molds can handle sustained
temperatures over 300° F. Silicone molds are excellent for use with wax
and ANY type of soap (M&P, CP, HP, etc.) Our molds are manufactured with a high grade silicone that has an indefinite library life. They are good for many hundreds, if not thousands of uses. The number of uses one can get out of a silicone mold is based on a number of factors from the actual mold design being casted, to the materials being used to make the casting and many other factors that come into play. Therefore, we can not truly say how many uses a mold will yield. We have known some customers to be still using the same molds purchased over 5 years ago.

As a genral rule, do not use Scottcrew's Own Silicone Molds for food or candy making, they are NOT made from a food grade silicone.
HOWEVER, we are now adding an option to purchase Scottcrew's Own Silicone Molds in a FOOD GRADE SILICONE.
Scottcrew's Own FOOD GRADE Silicone Molds can withstand temperatures ranging from -65° F to 450° F (-53° C to 232° C). Other FOOD GRADE Molds we have available are Yellow Flexible Molds, Flexible Tray Molds, Terra Cotta Colored (SiliconFlex) Silicon Molds, Wilton Silicone Molds, "Easy Choc" Silicone Molds, and plastic molds (clear & white).

For INSTRUCTIONS for making your own wax embeds, CLICK HERE.

Scottcrew's Own Silicone Molds!