Instructions for Making Your Own Wax Embeds

Materials needed:
  • An Embed Blend Wax - Hurricane wax with a meltpoint around 160° F. with the addition of either a polyethelene wax or GlossPoly/Luster Crystals will bring the meltpoint up higher. Do NOT use Stearic Acid in embed wax as it will lower the meltpoint. Add Vybar 103 if making scented embeds to help the scent bind to the wax.
  • Colorant: Color Block/Liquid Dye (if desired)
    Color mixing suggestions for embeds can be found HERE.
  • Fragrance Oil (if desired)
  • Mold
  • Mold Release (if using plastic mold)
  • Pan or Melting Pot to melt wax in
  • Thermometer, preferrably a digital one, for extra control you may want to have one with a temperature alarm (They are around $20 at

Put desired amount of wax into your melting pot and place on heat source for melting (do not use double boiler, this will take your wax too long to melt). Do not leave wax melting unattended,(scented wax has a lower flashpoint), no wax should be left unattended while melting.
Once the wax is melted, add colorant and fragrance oil (if desired), mix well, allow about 10 minutes for color and FO to thoroughly blend with the wax.

While wax is melting, prepare the molds. Rubber molds do not require a mold release, but plastic molds do. For plastic molds, spray the mold lightly with a good quality mold release, we do not suggest the use of cooking pan sprays, they still allow the wax to ahere a little to the plastic. (Scottcrew Enterprises carries a mold release in our store. Visit our Supplies page to purchase a can of mold release)

When the wax is at 217° it is ready for pouring. 217° F is the optimum pouring temperature for our wax. (You can go as high as 219° F for use with plastic molds, but any higher will warp and melt them. Yellow rubber molds can handle temps up to 245° and Polyurethane rubber or Silicone molds can handle temp over 300°.)

Pour wax into the molds and set aside to cool. Once the wax is cool unmold the embeds.
Using a paring knife, trim any excess wax from the embeds, you can also use an old pantyhose to buff & polish the embeds.
Tip: If your wax piece comes out with a whitish looking film on it, try pouring at a lower temp. We have found that the best temp to pour wax at is 217° - 219°.

We hope that you find these instructions helpful. If you have any further questions, Contact Us.