Scottcrew's Own Silicone Molds
NOT for use with food, unless FOOD GRADE MOLD is selected.
Scottcrew's Own Silicone Molds can withstand temperatures ranging from -65° F to 450° F (-53° C to 232° C), FOOD GRADE Molds up to 446° F/230° C.
Scottcrew's Own Silicone Molds are manufactured in-house and at the time of order.
Shipping lead time is currently shipping within 5-7 business days.
Large orders may take more time.
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Purchasers of our molds may make and resell the pieces cast from our molds.
Scottcrew Enterprises LLC molds and designs are copyrighted. Duplication of the molds and/or molds made from castings from one of our molds or from derivative works are prohibited and will be prosecuted.
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5in. Sunburst Full Crust Silicone Mold

5in. Sunburst Full Crust Silicone Mold -

Our own original design crust (do not be fooled by imitations or copy-cats).
5" pie crust, fits 5" pie tins that have the following dimensions: Top Inside Diameter: 4-3/8", Bottom Diameter: 3", Depth: 1-1/4".
This mold can be used to make crust edges.
To make the crust edge, only fill mold part-way.
2 piece Mold (no fighting to flip a 1 pc. mold inside out; potentially breaking the crust)
Do not use with Topper
1 cavity
Mold color may vary from that shown.