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Pie Candles - Similar to Pie Soaps

    Supplies Needed:
  1. Paraffin Wax
  2. Candle Gel
  3. Wicks:
    • Potpie size: 3, 51 series zinc-core wicks per pie;
      or 1, 60 or 61 series zinc-core wick
    • Tiny Tart size: 1, 51 series zinc-core wick
  4. Gel Candle Warning Labels
  5. Potpie or Tiny Tart size aluminum pans
  6. Full Pie Crust Mold and/or the Lattice Topper Mold for any/all pies OR Pre-made wax crusts
  7. 1 of the following molds or wax embeds:
  1. Melt gel and add the appropriate fragrance and color for each pie. If making wax pies like pumpkin, etc.; color and scent your paraffin wax and pour into aluminum pan after step #4.

  2. Melt the paraffin wax and add a little brown and a little yellow colorant for the crusts.

  3. Color and add fragrance to each type of wax to make wax embeds for different pies.

  4. Place full pie crust in aluminum pan and add wicks for each pie desired.

  5. Place wax pieces in bottom and alternately add gel until you reach the top edge of the crust. If using the lattice topper do not put the crust in the pan. Only layer the wax pieces with the gel until you reach the top of the pan, then lay the lattice wax piece on top of the pie.


You may whip/stir cooling paraffin wax to a mashed potato consistency to use as whipped cream topping. For cream pies, you can just pour paraffin or whipped paraffin. Add embeds for accents.

Instructions Courtesy of Scottcrew Enterprises LLC