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Bouquet of Flowers
Soap or Candle Project

Materials needed:

  • Flower soap or candle
  • Floral tape
  • Silk leaves
  • Tulle
  • Plastic sticks and cups


Flowers - Step 1 image

1. Insert stick into plastic cup. Wrap the stick with floral tape starting from the bottom, wrapping to cover the end.

Flowers - Step 2a image

Flowers - Step 2b image

2. Attach the leaf or leaves to the stick and wrap with the floral tape to secure it.

Flowers - Step 3 image

3. Sticks fully wrapped to form the flower's stem.                          

Flowers - Step 4 image

4. Wrap tulle around the flower and secure with floral tape. Trim off excess tulle.

Flowers - Step 5 completed project image Flowers - Step 5 completed project image

5. Completed bouquet. Place these in a nice vase to complete the illusion of a bouquet.

A great idea for Mother's Day!

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