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Fruit Soap - Soap Project

  • White/Opaque M&P Soap Base

  • Clear M&P Soap Base

  • Soap Safe Fragrance Oil

  • Soap Colorants

  • Alcohol in a Spritzer Bottle

Make the Fruits
1. Melt the opaque soap base, add coloring and fragrance.
2. Pour the melted soap base into the Scottcrew's Own Silicone Fruit Molds. When cooled, unmold from the molds.

Making the Soap Bar:
3. Arrange your fruit pieces in the mold. Be sure to spritz the fruit in the in the mold while arranging your fruit.

4. Melt Clear M&P soap base, add fragrance and slightly tint the soap for the fruit type you are making.

5. Pour your clear tinted soap over the fruit in the mold. Be sure to spritz the fruit with alcohol before pouring the filling.

6. Allow the soaps to fully cool.

7. Unmold and Voila! You're done!

The soaps made using the Small Loaf Soap Bar Mold fit perfectly
into a 3" x 2.25" x 1.5" deep, 2pc Acetate box.
Wrap the box with a 10" Gold Stretch Loop to finish off the package.

Make Fruit 'n Cream soaps by pouring a layer of the clear M&P over the fruit, but stop short of the top of the mold. Allow to cool, spritz the soap with alcohol. Melt and scent white/opaque soap base. Then, pour the remaining portion of the mold.

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