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Build A Pie Slice
Soap or Candle Project

Materials needed:

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Scottcrew's Own Pie Slice Builder Mold will make creating a finished pie slice, "Easy as Pie". Can be used to make candle or soap pie slices. For demonstration purposes, the pie slice built using the builder mold is made out of M&P soap.

1. Start with a piece of crust that has been made using our Pie Crust Wedge Mold. (Pictured to the right.) If you are making a candle, it is at this stage that you want to make a small hole in the crust to insert the wick. This can be done with a 1/8" drill bit.



2. Fully seat the crust wedge into the builder mold.

3. Insert your fruit pieces or for a cream pie, pumpkin pie, etc., pour your wax or soap onto the crust.



4. If you have chosen to do a fruit pie with fruit pieces, overpour with the filling wax or soap. When we did the soap, we slightly tinted the clear M&P then overpoured the fruit. (Don't forget to spritz the fruit with alcohol if making soap pies.)
5. When the pie is fully cooled, unmold. Voila! You're done.

The finished pie wedges can be packaged into a Deep Pie Wedge Clamshell packaging for sale as individual pie slices. Or combine 8 of the finished pie slices into a 9" Deep Pie Tin and then package into an 8"-10" Pie Clamshells.

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