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Water Crystals Projects

Smelly Jellies | Neck Coolers

Smelly Jellies

Materials needed:

  • 16 oz. hot water (distilled water is preferred)
  • 3-4 TBSP Fragrance oil
  • colorant (water soluble is preferred)
  • 2 TBSP Water Crystals
  • Flower soap or candle (optional)


Mix hot water, color and fragrance together in a metal or glass bowl. (Fragrance oil will melt some plastics.) Add water crystals and watch them "grow".

For best results and maximum scent throw, use wide mouth containers so that more surface area of the smellie jellie is exposed. For added decoration, put stemmed flowers in container or a candle.

Neck Coolers

Materials needed:

  • 16 oz. hot water (distilled water is preferred)
  • 3-4 TBSP Fragrance oil (optional - make sure any fragrance is skin-safe)
  • 2 TBSP Water Crystals
  • Flower soap or candle (optional)


Neck Coolers have become a very popular method of keeping cool during the summer heat.Neck Coolers work on the principal of evaporative cooling. Once the polymer is hydrated, the fabric surface of the Cool Neck Tie draws the moisture from the polymer to the fabric surface, which evaporates resulting in an effective body cooler.
In areas of high humidity where no wind is present use two or three Neck Coolers, keeping one in a refrigerator or ice chest and as soon as the one being worn reaches body temperature, exchange it with the one in the 'fridge. Wear the Cool Neck Tie around the neck or head and it will bring great relief from the heat!

There are several ways to make Neck Coolers. Cotton fabric will work best, as it has superior wicking properties. Let your imagination be your guide.

One method is to take an ordinary bandana and make a Cool Neck Tie by simply folding over the wide edge about an inch or an inch and a half and stitching the “hem” down to create a tube. Complete the bandanas as with the following instructions for the ties:

Materials Needed:

  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Serger/sewing machine
  • 4" strip of fabric 45" long (actual length will depend on personal preference)
  • One Tablespoon of Water Crystals.


  1. Cut one strip of fabric 4" wide from a fabric that is at least 45" wide.   If you want to have a bow to tie use a 60" wide fabric.

  2. Fold the fabric strip in half lengthwise (the piece should be 4" by 22 1/2").   Mark the fold.  This is the center back of the neck band.  Open up the fabric and measure and mark 7" on each side of the center back.

  3. Fold the fabric right sides together the width of the strip (the piece should now be 2" by 45".)  Using a 5/8" seam, stitch between the marks.  (There should be 14" stitched--7" on either side of center back.)

  4. The tail ends may be rounded or slanted to give a more finished look.  Finish the edges and ends of the rest of the band by serging or turning and stitching.  Press.

  5. Turn tube right side out and press. At one end of the tube, stitch to close, then double stitch for stength. At this point you should have one end of the tube open.

  6. Carefully pour the polymer granules into the tube (about two teaspoons). Stitch the tube closed. Reinforce with another row of stitching.

  7. To use the cool neck band, soak in water for a 15-20 minutes (hot water speeds the hydration process). As the polymer granules soak up the water "mush" them around so the polymer spreads out equally along the tube. Tie around your neck for a "Cool Band."


  • The polymer granules are used in gardening soil for water retention.
  • The cool band can be refrigerated so it is more refreshing on a hot day.
  • It can be soaked in cold water and used over and over.
  • If too many polymer granules are used in the tube, the polymer will ooze through the fabric tube. Two teaspoons is all that is needed.
  • Store in a zip lock bag in the refrigerator, or hang dry. The polymer will rehydrate again using instructions in step 7.